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New Product Announcements at SLAS2020

Each year, exhibitors launch their new products at the SLAS International Conference and Exhibition and benefit from focused promotion and an audience eager to learn more about each. Below are the companies and products that were featured at SLAS2020 in San Diego
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4titude from Brooks Life Sciences

4titude from Brooks Life Sciences — Booth 915
a4SRA Automatic Random Access Roll Heat Sealer
The a4SRA is an automated roll heat sealer capable of sealing individual wells or tubes, enabling researchers to leverage the benefits of the 4titude Random Access range whilst maintaining the gold standard heat sealing provided by the 4titude a4S.


American Software Solutions Corp.

American Software Solutions Corp. — Booth TBA
At American Soft Solutions Corp we bring 30 years of practical laboratory experience to our solution PROLIS. With our insight into the challenges and needs of clinical laboratories, our laboratory information management system, PROLIS, has been developed from the ground up to deliver a practical, multi-function solution that drives efficiency. A fully integrated LIS solution that handles both your clinical and financial needs.



Applied Motion Products, Inc. — Booth 109
TSM14POE StepSERVO Integrated Motor
The TSM14POE StepSERVO™ Integrated Motor with Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a unique, single-cable solution for motion control applications requiring minimal wiring and a small footprint. By combining power and Ethernet communications into a single connector, wiring to the integrated motor is greatly simplified and the motor can be mounted almost anywhere.



axiVEND — Booth 1738
Interferometric Reflectance Imaging Sensor (IRIS)
The Interferometric Reflectance Imaging Sensor (IRIS) is the newest innovation in label-free biomolecular interaction analysis, offering multiplexed, quantitative, highly sensitive kinetic binding measurements over a broad range of analytes.


AxoSim Inc.

AxoSim Inc. — Booth 2029
AxoSim’s innovative 3D Nerve-on-a-Chip® preclinical assay mimics nerve tissue in form and function, producing clinically-relevant readouts for neurotoxicity, electrophysiology, and histomorphometry – delivering in vivo results on an in vitro platform.



Benchling — Booth 151
Benchling for Lab Automation
Plug-and-play software solution that optimizes the function of robotics in the lab, thereby accelerating the pace of life sciences R&D and powering the lab of the future.


Berkeley Lights, Inc.

Berkeley Lights, Inc. — Booth 1705
Culture Station
Find the cells you are looking for – faster. Culture Station increases scope, scale, and throughput of the BLI optofluidic platforms by enabling independent, off-platform culture of up to eight OptoSelect™ chips.



Bioelectronica — Booth Innovation Ave
"Hybridoma Screens in Days, not Weeks".
Hypercell is disrupting the antibody discovery workflow. The technology uses computer vision and detection reagents to isolate cells based on their secretion rate of a specific antigen at unsurpassed throughput and speeds.


Biosero Inc.

Biosero Inc. — Booth 717
GBG Dashboard™
GBG Dashboard™ from Biosero is process oversight visualization software that displays outputs from Green Button Go™ Automation Scheduling Software across several workcells. The software identifies bottlenecks and instrument utilization opportunities.


BioTek Instruments

BioTek Instruments — Booth 505
Cytation™ 7 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader
Cytation™ 7 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader combines automated digital upright and inverted widefield microscopy with multi-mode microplate reading, enabling a broad range of imaging and multi-mode detection applications.



Brooks Life Sciences — Booth 915
IntelliXmark HT
IntelliXmark HT is an automated platform capable of permanently marking a wide range of sample tubes. Designed for flexibility and ease of use - IntelliXmark HT offers all the functionality of the IntelliXmark on an automated platform.



C-CIT — Booth 1949
C-CIT Sensors
CITSens MeMo allows for online and continuous in-situ measurement of glucose and lactate within a defined cell culture media, as well as in complex matrices.


cab Technology, Inc

cab Technology, Inc. — Booth 1348
The AXON 1 is a semi-automatic tube labeling system developed to integrated with LIMS into any lab for the easy labeling of tubes


cab Technology, Inc

cab Technology, Inc. — Booth 1348
The AXON 2 is a semi-automatic tube labeling system. This works as an attachment to our SQUIX 4M thermal printer and is available in 300 & 600 dpi.


Cell Microsystems Inc.

Cell Microsystems Inc. — Booth 446
CellRaft AIR 540
The system employs 5 channel fluorescence and 3 magnification levels to interrogate cells on a microwell array. Subcellular features can be detected and cells of interest automatically isolated.



Clippard — Booth 1504
Cordis Electronic Pressure Controls
These new revolutionary micro-controllers allow for steady, repeatable downstream pressure as demand or processes change. The result, a precise, linear pressure control within a closed-loop systems with ultra-high resolution and repeatability.


CN Bio Innovations

CN Bio Innovations — Booth 1911
NASH Fee-for-Service
This newly launched NAFLD/NASH service, using the 3D perfused Organ-On-Chip PhysioMimix™ platform, enables advanced long-term in vitro liver cultures and modelling of this disease’s different stages under various culture conditions.



COMBiNATi — Innovation AveNEW
|Q| Digital PCR Platform
The |Q| (Absolute Q) digital PCR (dPCR) platform includes a single integrated instrument, a 16-sample microtiter-format disposable plates (SLAS standard), and complementary software. The platform is the only dPCR platform with walkaway workflow, fast time-to-result, ultralow dead volume, and unparalleled multiplexity.


Corning Life Sciences

Corning Life Sciences — Booth 1318
Corning® MicroDEN® Perfusion-based Dendritic Cell Culture Platform
The Corning MicroDEN automated perfusion system enables the efficient generation of dendritic cells. It delivers reproducible results in less time and reduces contamination risk, compared to the current manual approach.


Curiox Biosystems

Curiox Biosystems — Booth 445
Laminar Wash™ AUTO 1000 System
The Laminar Wash™ AUTO 1000 System provides full automation for surface staining and intracellular staining for flow cytometry.It produces the most quantitative and reproducible results by reducing user variability


DeepDiveBio, Inc.

DeepDiveBio, Inc. — Booth 2029
MultiTherm™ 96

MultiTherm™ 96 is a fully automatable, cloud-based thermal cycling platform that can simultaneously monitor, control and record the temperature of each well.  With the capability to perform independent, highly parallelized PCR, MultiTherm™  can enhance throughput and optimize conditions far faster than traditional thermal cycling technology


Dynamic Biosensors

Dynamic Biosensors — Booth 1449
Introducing heliX® – a groundbreaking modular biosensor, scalable to high throughput. Setting a world-record in fast binding kinetics. The first platform to harness DNA nanotechnology for protein conformation analysis.


Dynamic Biosensors

Dynamic Biosensors — Booth 1449
proFIRE® is a unique system for protein-DNA conjugate preparation, delivering consistent and superior conjugate quality for your experiments. The proFIRE® tablet-based software allows automated analysis of your purification run.


Gate Scientific, Inc.

Gate Scientific, Inc. — Booth 1403
Wireless smartSENSE pH stir bar
The wireless smartSENSE pH stirbar revolutionizes one of the most common laboratory measurements. Simplify continuous measurement and logging of pH for formulations, reactions or titrations without need for external probes.


GE Healthcare Life Sciences

GE Healthcare Life Sciences — Booth 1605
BioAssemblyBot + IN Cell Analyzer Agile Biofabrication System
New Product Name: BioAssemblyBot + IN Cell Analyzer Agile Biofabrication System GE and Advanced Solutions have built the world's first integrated 3D bioprinter and confocal scanner for high-throughput production of 3D tissue models, bringing together the market-leading BioAssemblyBot and INCell Analyzer.


Hamilton Storage

Hamilton Storage — Booth 805
Verso Q20
The new Verso Q20 boasts many of the accommodating features of a large system in an extremely compact footprint, so your samples can be stored anywhere you need them.


Hamilton Company

Hamilton Company — Booth 805
Hamilton Microlab Prep
The Microlab Prep packs Hamilton’s signature quality and efficiency into a compact workstation that can fit in any lab, designed for best-in-class pipetting in a tiny footprint.


HNPM Corporation

HNPM Corporation — Booth 2040
LiquiDoS - Dosing in the lab, easy and functional
A comfortable and versatile dosing system for analysis, research and development. It is configured according to customer requirements and delivered ready for operation. A graphical user interface enables easy programming, reproducible results and a fast change between manual and automated dosing tasks.


Implen Inc.

Implen Inc. — Booth 251
NanoPhotometer N120
The NanoPhotometer© N120, a UV/VIS Multi Channel Microvolume Spectrophotometer allows for rapid full scan analysis of up to 12 samples per 20 sec run. Provides optional CFR21 software and LIMS compatibility


INTEGRA Biosciences

INTEGRA Biosciences — Booth 1721
SureFlo Reagent Reservoirs
NTEGRA developed reservoirs with a SureFlo™ anti-sealing array on the bottom and a unique surface treatment. The anti-sealing pattern consists of a series of tiny channels that allow the liquid to flow evenly across the bottom of the reservoir and prevent pipette tips from sealing. Pooling of liquid is prevented by a specially formulated, hydrophilic surface treatment.



LabSmith — Booth 1347
uEP01 Electrophoresis Power Module
An extremely compact, fully programmable high voltage power supply for electrophoresis experimentation. Just 8.1cm long, the breadboard-mounted uEP01 provides constant current, power, or voltage to 300V, with flexible, scriptable automation.



LabTwin — Booth 2001
LabTwin - The Voice-Powered Digital Lab Assistant
LabTwin is the world's first voice and AI-powered digital lab assistant. LabTwin works alongside scientists to collect data, connect internal and external information streams, help manage experiments and streamline documentation.


MaxWell Biosystems

MaxWell Biosystems — Booth 1938
MaxTwo, a high-throughput, high-resolution electrophysiology platform for recording and stimulating electrogenic cells in vitro. MaxTwo combines 6 or 24 MaxOne high-density microelectrode arrays in a multiwell format.


NanoSurface Biomedical

NanoSurface Biomedical — Booth 2120
384-Well NanoSurface Plate
The NEW 384-well NanoSurface Plate possesses a biomimetic surface that improves the alignment, reproducibility, and physiological relevance of cells and tissues in a high-throughput and instrument- and assay-agnostic manner.



Nicoya — Booth 220
Alto is the first SPR instrument to integrate digital microfluidics, nanotechnology, and AI - providing sample-in/answer-out data, industry leading throughput, zero maintenance, 24/7 runtime, and with 500X less sample.


Opentrons Labworks

Opentrons Labworks — Booth 447
Opentrons Fully Automated Thermocycler
The most affordable fully-automated thermocycler ever!
- Sits on the OT-2 liquid-handling robot
- 96 well capacity
- Heated + automated lid prevents evaporation
- Great ramp-rates & uniformity
Unlocks fully-automated NGS library prep and more!



Pall Laboratory

Pall Laboratory — Booth 640
NAB Nanosep Spin Filter
Pall’s NAB Nanosep spin filter allows isolation of 3 types of nucleic acids. Its double layer membrane provides higher binding capacity which allows enough sample for multiple downstream applications


Peak Analysis and Automation

Peak Analysis and Automation — Booth 1313
KX-2 Laboratory Robot
The KX-2 collaborative laboratory robot from PAA offers flexible, safe and reliable laboratory automation. The KX-2 delivers continuous 360 degree rotation on the shoulder and wrist axes, providing process optimisation and increased throughput. The full enclosure design makes it intrinsically safe and proven PAA technology delivers unrivalled performance for all your automation needs.



PerkinElmer — Booth 929
Sciclone® G3 NGSx HT Workstation
The Sciclone® NGSx HT workstation provides unattended automation and miniaturization of even the most complex NGS library construction kits at a fraction of the cost of traditional workflows.



PerkinElmer — Booth 929
JANUS® G3 Blood iQ™ Workstation
Designed for biobanking workflows, the JANUS® G3 Blood iQ™ workstation provides front end reformatting of plasma and buffy coat layers from centrifuged blood tubes enabling highly reproducible downstream genetic analysis.


Protein Fluidics — Booth 600
Pu·MA System 3D
Pu·MA System 3D has been designed to automate in situ assays for your 3D cell models, organoids or spheroids. This system maintains the cells in our specially designed flowchips to allow for easy media, metabolite or reagent exchanges for your oncology, toxicity or metabolomics research.

Pu·MA System 3D Benefits:

- Automated “hands-off” workflow for complex assay protocols

- Protected sample chamber to prevent cell and organoid damage


Ramona Optics, Inc

Ramona Optics, Inc — Booth 2029
MCAM Falcon
The Falcon microscope from Ramona Optics combines novel optics and machine learning to capture cellular resolution over an unprecedented field-of-view — delivering hundreds of square centimeters in a single snapshot.


Revolution Biosciences LLC

Revolution Biosciences LLC — Booth 2045
Molecular Imaging Microplate
Add the power of mass spectrometry to your current cell analyses using our new Molecular Imaging Microplate, the first microplate that allows for both microscopy and mass spectrometry on the same region of interest.



Rigenerand — Booth 1949
Introducing the innovative VITVO 3D bioreactor for rapid cell colonization in a 3D manner — enabling an in vitro real reconstruction of tissue complexity in an in vivo-like environment.



Synthace — Booth 2029
An easy to use software platform for the flexible reprogramming of common liquid handling robots. The software enables users to easily design and run complex methods like Design of Experiments (DoE) on automation equipment and then connect these experiments with rich data streams from analytical devices.



Teselagen — Booth N/A
Teselagen Mind-to-Molecule
Synthetic biology and automation software platform that uses proprietary algorithms and powerful integrations with other market leaders to provide a single software solution for biologists everywhere. Our newest additions to the platform use robust machine learning and data science to speed up biology and scale our learnings from lab to life.


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific — Booth 1105
ALPS 5000
The Thermo Scientific(TM) ALPS 5000(TM) Heat Sealer is the next generation in plate sealing equipment, offering fast sealing times, increased process customization and all electronic operation to improve reliability and reduce noise.


V&P Scientific, Inc.

V&P Scientific, Inc. — Booth 1504
The SpinVessel allows you to mix and suspend particulates gently and effectively without a stir bar. You can also aliquot your sample while mixing. Sterile, and disposable containers


ViQi, Inc.

ViQi, Inc. — Booth 2002
ViQi is the most advanced cloud platform for large-scale and complex data storage, visualization, analysis, and validation. The product helps preclinical R&D groups include AI workflows within their research.


Vision Research

Vision Research — Booth 2000
Phantom S640
The Phantom S640 High-Speed Machine Vision Camera provides 1,480 fps at full 2560 x 1600 resolution and up to 25,000 fps at lower resolutions, imaging more cells and cell characteristics in cytometry applications.


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