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New Product Announcements at SLAS2020

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Stop by these booths during SLAS2020 exhibit hours from Jan. 27 - 29 to see brand new life sciences innovation, interact with product developers and learn how these breakthrough technologies can benefit your organization.

The deadline to submit applications is January 13. 


4titude from Brooks Life Sciences

4titude from Brooks Life Sciences — Booth 915
a4SRA Automatic Random Access Roll Heat Sealer
The a4SRA is an automated roll heat sealer capable of sealing individual wells or tubes, enabling researchers to leverage the benefits of the 4titude Random Access range whilst maintaining the gold standard heat sealing provided by the 4titude a4S.



Applied Motion Products, Inc. — Booth 109
TSM14POE StepSERVO Integrated Motor
The TSM14POE StepSERVO™ Integrated Motor with Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a unique, single-cable solution for motion control applications requiring minimal wiring and a small footprint. By combining power and Ethernet communications into a single connector, wiring to the integrated motor is greatly simplified and the motor can be mounted almost anywhere.


AxoSim Inc.

AxoSim Inc. — Booth 2029
AxoSim’s innovative 3D Nerve-on-a-Chip® preclinical assay mimics nerve tissue in form and function, producing clinically-relevant readouts for neurotoxicity, electrophysiology, and histomorphometry – delivering in vivo results on an in vitro platform.


Biosero Inc.

Biosero Inc. — Booth 717
GBG Dashboard™
GBG Dashboard™ from Biosero is process oversight visualization software that displays outputs from Green Button Go™ Automation Scheduling Software across several workcells. The software identifies bottlenecks and instrument utilization opportunities.



Brooks Life Sciences — Booth 915
IntelliXmark HT
IntelliXmark HT is an automated platform capable of permanently marking a wide range of sample tubes. Designed for flexibility and ease of use - IntelliXmark HT offers all the functionality of the IntelliXmark on an automated platform.



C-CIT — Booth 1949
C-CIT Sensors
CITSens MeMo allows for online and continuous in-situ measurement of glucose and lactate within a defined cell culture media, as well as in complex matrices.



COMBiNATi — Innovation AveNEW
|Q| Digital PCR Platform
The |Q| (Absolute Q) digital PCR (dPCR) platform includes a single integrated instrument, a 16-sample microtiter-format disposable plates (SLAS standard), and complementary software. The platform is the only dPCR platform with walkaway workflow, fast time-to-result, ultralow dead volume, and unparalleled multiplexity.


Corning Life Sciences

Corning Life Sciences — Booth 1318
Corning® MicroDEN® Perfusion-based Dendritic Cell Culture Platform
The Corning MicroDEN automated perfusion system enables the efficient generation of dendritic cells. It delivers reproducible results in less time and reduces contamination risk, compared to the current manual approach.


Curiox Biosystems

Curiox Biosystems — Booth 445
Laminar Wash™ AUTO 1000 System
The Laminar Wash™ AUTO 1000 System provides full automation for surface staining and intracellular staining for flow cytometry.It produces the most quantitative and reproducible results by reducing user variability


Hamilton Storage

Hamilton Storage — Booth 805
Verso Q20
The new Verso Q20 boasts many of the accommodating features of a large system in an extremely compact footprint, so your samples can be stored anywhere you need them.


HNPM Corporation

HNPM Corporation — Booth 2040
LiquiDoS - Dosing in the lab, easy and functional
A comfortable and versatile dosing system for analysis, research and development. It is configured according to customer requirements and delivered ready for operation. A graphical user interface enables easy programming, reproducible results and a fast change between manual and automated dosing tasks.


Implen Inc.

Implen Inc. — Booth 251
NanoPhotometer N120
The NanoPhotometer© N120, a UV/VIS Multi Channel Microvolume Spectrophotometer allows for rapid full scan analysis of up to 12 samples per 20 sec run. Provides optional CFR21 software and LIMS compatibility


INTEGRA Biosciences

INTEGRA Biosciences — Booth 1721
SureFlo Reagent Reservoirs
NTEGRA developed reservoirs with a SureFlo™ anti-sealing array on the bottom and a unique surface treatment. The anti-sealing pattern consists of a series of tiny channels that allow the liquid to flow evenly across the bottom of the reservoir and prevent pipette tips from sealing. Pooling of liquid is prevented by a specially formulated, hydrophilic surface treatment.



LabSmith — Booth 1347
uEP01 Electrophoresis Power Module
An extremely compact, fully programmable high voltage power supply for electrophoresis experimentation. Just 8.1cm long, the breadboard-mounted uEP01 provides constant current, power, or voltage to 300V, with flexible, scriptable automation.


Ramona Optics, Inc

Ramona Optics, Inc — Booth 2029
MCAM Falcon
The Falcon microscope from Ramona Optics combines novel optics and machine learning to capture cellular resolution over an unprecedented field-of-view — delivering hundreds of square centimeters in a single snapshot.



Rigenerand — Booth 1949
Introducing the innovative VITVO 3D bioreactor for rapid cell colonization in a 3D manner — enabling an in vitro real reconstruction of tissue complexity in an in vivo-like environment.


Thermo Fisher Scientific — Booth 1105
ALPS 5000
The Thermo Scientific(TM) ALPS 5000(TM) Heat Sealer is the next generation in plate sealing equipment, offering fast sealing times, increased process customization and all electronic operation to improve reliability and reduce noise.


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